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Business Legal Services

Below are some of the practice areas to which we bring an extensive legal background, including:

Drafting and Negotiating Contracts:  We can create the contracts that you need for any type of business or commercial transaction.  A “fill in the blanks” form contract cannot address the specific needs of your business deals; we will give you the advantage of carefully crafted contractual protections.  We draft, review, and negotiate contracts to achieve your company’s goals and preserve your legal rights.

Business Structure and Formation:  When you start a new business, we will help you select the best corporate structure to suit your purposes, whether a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company.  Our services include the filing of required documents with the state and completion of the multiple procedural steps necessary to initiate your business.

Corporate Governance:  Once your business is up and running, it is important to maintain appropriate internal controls, record-keeping systems, and policies and procedures.  We can review your existing governance mechanisms or help you create new ones to ensure that your business is governed in the most effective way possible.

Intellectual Property:  Our background in copyright, trademark and all aspects of intellectual property law will solidify your business identity and brand, protecting you from any potential infringement or dilution by competitors or third parties.

Mergers and Acquisitions:  If your business is expanding, whether through a merger, an acquisition, or other significant transaction, we will work with you through the due diligence process, help you with the negotiations, and prepare all the necessary documents to make the transaction a success.

Corporate Compliance:  State and federal business regulations increase every year, and we stay current with developments in areas of compliance that affect your business.  This may include workplace safety, employee and labor relations, insurance, tax filings and other statutory requirements.  In addition to regulatory compliance, businesses are often subject to numerous contractual and financial requirements that impact how they operate.  We will help ensure that your business stays compliant with all of its legal obligations.

Nonprofit Organizations:  Starting and running a nonprofit organization can be even more complicated than having a for-profit business.  Our services include structuring and forming the organization, applying for tax-exempt status, preparing “best practice” internal policies and procedures, and completing annual filing requirements.  With us to help you navigate the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to your nonprofit organization, you can focus your energies on achieving your charitable objectives.

Strategic Business Planning:  Integrating corporate legal counsel into your strategic planning process is essential to aligning risk management and your business’s long-term strategic goals.  Reviewing financial and operations plans with counsel improves the accountability in all areas and levels of your business, reduces risk, improves compliance and overall business performance.  Let us show you the opportunities created by placing sophisticated business lawyers on your strategic planning team.

Personal Insight, Legal Knowledge, and Power of Partnership

MATHIAS_CHAPLIN_998A4751While we are a small firm at the Law Offices of Mathias Chaplin, PA, we realize that our strength is in our knowledge of and relationship with our clients.  Corporate law is not just a simple document production practice; it involves the analysis and understanding of many aspects of law and public policy.  We also believe its dependent on our clients desired results, short term and long term.

You can expect our firm to effectively evaluate your issues and provide you with the best representation possible.  If there are needs for outside experts in a particular area of law or speciality, we will procure the resources to insure your best representation is assured.  And, you can depend on our personal commitment to understand your desired outcomes and work to achieve them.  We become an active part of your business team, to develop legal strategies that maximize your profit and success in a changing marketplace.

Whether you are starting a new business or have many years of experience behind you, we can help you confront any legal challenges that you may face.

Our philosophy is to avoid problems before they occur, with thorough research and planning at every stage — understanding your wishes and executing your plans.

Please contact us so we can discuss how to take your business to the next level of stability and growth.  If you’re looking for a Business Attorney Columbia SC or in the state of South Carolina, we hope you will consider our firm.

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