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Business Law

At The Law Office of Mathias G. Chaplin, PA, I am eager to assist you with your Business Law needs.

iStock_000003390628MediumNavigating the legal aspects of your small business without an attorney can be daunting and may lead to crucial mistakes that will cost you time and money in the future.  However, many small businesses believe that they cannot afford an attorney, and often turn to online legal services, which fail to provide personal, localized, specific legal advice, tailored to a business’s specific needs.  As a solution, the Law Offices of Mathias G. Chaplin, PA offers flat rates for entity formation, contract review, and contract formation so that you can operate your business on solid legal footing with reasonable rates.  In addition, we provide budget conscious collection services for outstanding accounts receivable.

Avoid costly mistakes and contact our firm today regarding all your small business legal needs.  Our firm offers a complete and wide range of business services.

law_classI am a small firm that deals personally with each client.  Attorney Chaplin also teaches Business Law at Midlands Technical College.

Please contact me if you need assistance in business related matters.


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