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Chemical tests consist of a number of different processes, and they are designed to scientifically determine an individual’s BAC (blood alcohol content).  If you are arrested for DUI, then you may be subject to chemical testing in order to determine your intoxication level, and possibly to have your charges increased.  Facing charges of drunk driving can pose significant difficulties in your life, your future could be damaged, your career could be severely hurt, and you could suffer other consequences if you are convicted.

You need a lawyer on your side who knows the process, that has experience in this area, and that can fight aggressively for your rights.  The legal team at The Law Office of Mathias G. Chaplin, PA is dedicated to serving clients and helping them achieve the results that they need.  You need to retain the services of Attorney Mathias G. Chaplin as soon as possible.  The sooner you retain his skilled services, the more time he and his team will have to build a strong defense of your case.  It is important to recognize the significance of chemical testing in the situation that you face.  Mathias Chaplin is Columbia’s only member of the American Chemical Society.  His unique insight can provide you the best representation possible.


Two of the more common types of chemical test that are used to determine BAC are the breath and the blood test.

Datamaster Breath Test
In the state of South Carolina, the only legal breath test device is known as the Datamaster (DMT).  This type of breath test utilizes an infrared technology in order to calculate the amount of alcohol in a driver’s breath.  A breathalyzer is used to determine the amount of alcohol in a person’s system, by a reading of alcohol on their breath.  While this may seem like a highly scientific form of testing, it is crucial to recognize that the readings obtained through this test are often highly unreliable.  Breath tests measure the amount of alcohol on a person’s breath, therefore the reading can be drastically affected by a small amount of alcohol still remaining in a person’s mouth.

Blood Test
After your arrest, you may be taken to a medical official who will draw a sample of your blood and test it for alcohol content.  While this test is far more reliable than the breath test, it is crucial to recognize that when people conducting the test and handling evidence, there is always the possibility for human error.

If you are facing charges of drunk driving, and these charges are substantiated by significant chemical test evidence, then you should seek the assistance of a representative from the firm today.

Attorney Mathias G. Chaplin is a skilled Columbia DUI lawyer, and he has the experience that you need on your side.  He knows how to build a defense of your case that is specifically designed to fight the allegations against you, and to attack the prosecution’s case.  Your situation is important to him, and you will receive representation that is based off of hard work and diligence.


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